February 24

Power in Uncertainty

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is being treated well by Pisces season! I know this season has gone pretty well for me actually and I hope many others can relate 🙂

I love to reflect on my progress as a student because, well, my life has been nothing but academia these last (six) years. I sometimes can’t believe it’s been so long.

As I reflect, I am recognizing that if there is ~anything~ I learned in undergrad, is that there is so much power and opportunity in not being 100% certain about something. I know a lot of people may disagree, and maybe rightfully so, but personally, not knowing all the facts and not knowing every aspect of whatever it may be, has always been a positive experience for me; at least, that has been my perspective.

For instance, this MSW program at Stan State.  I know I enrolled at Stan State because I wanted to be pragmatic and go with the option that presented the best deal for me (proximity to home/financial aid/mentoring/class size/program mission/etc.). However, I also know I chose Stan State because there was some degree of uncertainty to it. I knew very little of Stan State as university, and even less of the MSW program.

I went on the program website,  and even tried to find Facebook groups pertaining to the MSW program, and didn’t gather what I was necessarily looking for. Now that I’m a semester invested into the program, I realize that that uncertain, unfound “thing” was something I needed to create for myself, and Stan State has provided me the tools and confidence to do just that.

When I say there is power in uncertainty, I am not saying do not follow your intuition or gut feelings. I am saying that the uncertainty one feels, especially at it pertains to university enrollment, could be a possible avenue for growth and development.

The uncertainty I felt towards the MSW program at Stan State truly was the result of me not believing that I could be successful in a program I knew very little about. Now that I have completed a semester, started working with faculty on research, and in the next few days will submit my application for the California Pre-Doctoral Program, I can truly say that the uncertainty was exactly what I needed to grow as a student.

As undergrad and graduate admissions roll out, I hope anyone facing even the slightest form of uncertainty towards a university, including Stan State, takes it as a sign to explore and discover something new. I know I did and so far it has worked out pretty well! 🙂

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1 thoughts on “Power in Uncertainty

  1. neeshao

    Embarking on a new journey is always scary. I’m glad you weathered the storm and have been happy with your choice. Students definitely need to take initiative in learning about the programs they want to attend. Thank you for bringing up that important point.


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